What Makes NCSC Different?

There may be a lot of cement manufacturers out there. But here are the reasons why you should choose National Cement.

Commitment to our Customers

At National Cement, customers always come first. We assure you that we provide high quality cement that will satisfy your construction needs.

Commitment to the Environment

One Birr for every quintal sale of cement goes to environmental protection and rehabilitation. We continuously improve our energy conservation and waste management programs.

Highest Quality Raw Materials

Raw materials for cement production such as limestone and clay are all around Dire Dawa City where our plant is located.

Support for Local People

The plant is creating more jobs for local people, thus, fueling the economic growth of the entire city.

Fast Delivery

We have our own fleet of delivery trucks. We can bring and distribute our quality products fast and safe.

Over 70 Years of Experience

National Cement SC has been in the cement industry for over 70 years. Our understanding and skill on cement production have been honed to perfection.

Our Production Capacity
We can provide you with enough cement supply no matter how big your project is. We produce:
  • 3,000 tons of Clinker Per Day
  • 80,000 Bags of Cement Per Day
  • 1.2 Million Tons of Cement Per Year
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